How to Pray

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Obligatory and Optional Rakat Per Prayer
Obligatory and Optional Prayers
Al-Fajr – The obligatory prayer that is performed before sunrise.
Az-Zuhr – The obligatory prayer that is performed in the afternoon.
Al-Asr – The obligatory prayer that is performed in the evening.
Al-Maghrib – The obligatory prayer that is performed after the sun has descended.
Al-Isha – The obligatory prayer later in the night.
Al-Jumu’ah – The obligatory prayer held every Friday, just after noon in the place of Zuhr prayer.
Khutbah – The sermon given during the Friday Jumu’ah prayer.
Witr – Prayer that is performed at night after Isha salah or before Fajr salah. According to Hanafi Fiqh, Witr is a Wajib (compulsory) prayer.
Types of Prayers
1. Fardh – Means compulsory or obligatory. It is sinful to leave out a Fardh prayer intentionally, but if such a prayer is missed through forgetfulness or due to unavoidable circumstances, then this mistake can be rectified by offering the missed prayer as soon as one remembers, or whenever possible.
2. Wajib – If a person misses these Prayers intentionally, he is deemed to have committed a sin. However, if he misses a Wajib Prayer unintentionally, e.g., through forgetfulness, he is not required to offer it as a Qada Prayer. Qada means offering of a missed Prayer.
3. Sunnah – The Holy Prophet of Islam, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, offered extra rakat of prayer in addition to those of Fardh prayers. The wilful neglect of Sunnah prayers is censurable in the sight of Allah.
4. Nafl – Optional prayers. Those who voluntarily offer Nafl prayers reap the benefits of Allah’s favors.